Best Resources For Finding New Music Online

When it comes to finding new music, the Internet is a virtual treasure trove, with a seemingly limitless supply of new and established artists, hidden gems and struggling and fledgling artists that are on the cusp of stardom. Here are some excellent legal resources to help you find more music to add to your collection:

Technically, Pandora is a free internet radio site, but look a little deeper and you’ll find much more than that. From the main page, you’ll be asked to type in your favorite music artist. Then a radio playlist is generated that includes your favorite artist as well as similar artists that Pandora believes you would like. They choose similar artists by matching up the rhythm, lyrics, harmonies, melodies and just about every other aspect of your favorite artist’s songs and then selects more artists and songs based on that analysis. The result is a very customized playlist that likely includes many artists that you haven’t heard of, yet will very likely be of interest to you. Pandora continues to refine the playlist even as you are listening to your customized radio station, by letting you give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each song. If you’re looking for new music, Pandora is a great place to start. is like a social version of Pandora. You start by downloading the player, it will then scan your computer for music you already have, then create a personalized radio playlist from that. You can also discover new artists through your friends and get even more music recommendations.

MySpace is great for discovering indie artists. Many indie artists start out by promoting themselves on a customized music MySpace page. Artists are allowed to add up to 4 songs for visitors of their profile to listen to and can also add additional links to songs or embed videos right into the profile. You can find new music and artists by surfing from profile to profile clicking on interesting friends of the artists. Many artists on MySpace are networked to help promote each other, so this works great for them and for you.

MusicMatch offers a very good music player for your computer, but they also offer something called the MMGuide. Where you simply type in the name of your favorite artist and MusicMatch will give you recommendations based on the listening habits of their entire music community.

RadioBlogClub is a service that allows bloggers and webmasters to add a customized radio playlist to their sites. Simply type in the name of an artist or a song title and you’ll get a list of playlists that include those songs. The trick here is that these playlists rarely just include one artist, but once you’re done listening to the particular song or artist you requested, more music from that blog will play, and it’s often quite similar in taste. It’s a great way to hear new artists, especially foreign artists including Asian and Indian.

There you have some of the best ways to discover new music online, in a completely free and legal way. Enjoy!

Why You Should Buy New Music Online

There has been a lot of discussion about the changes in the music business with the advent of the internet. Here are some important things to consider about this new business model for musical artists. First of all there has been a lot of talk about how this has ‘hurt’ the record companies but one must stop and think if the record companies have really served the best interests of the listeners.

This industry went from a willingness to take chances on a new artist to only banking on a what they believed to be a sure thing. For a band to get a record contract they needed to have already done the work of building up their fan base. Kind of like getting a loan at a bank; if you don’t need it, fine, you can probably get it but, if you need it, you probably won’t get it. It was really just a way for a musical artist to go into debt to the company because it had its own producers and recording studios which it charged an unbelievable amount of money to the artist or band for and then that all came back out of the artist’s royalties.

Now the situation is even worse because the record companies engineer a group and create a false popular demand for it through their media hype. Meanwhile the music offered to the listening public remains essentially the same decade after decade.

Now, if you are happy with what the record companies serve up, all well and good, but if you are among those who enjoy something truly new and different, where are you going to find that? Well the internet, of course and all the independent bands that will be found there. And this is why you should support this new business model and buy new music online from your favorite new bands.

There is a large faction that uses the internet that thinks that everything on the internet should be free but, in reality, nothing on the internet is free and why should music be? People think that musicians are happy just to play their music but what you are really doing when you don’t buy new music online and support your favorite musical artists, is casting a vote for the old business model to return. You force musical artists to try and go through the record companies and give them control of what you can listen to.

Music Download Sites – Where To Download New Music and Videos

Music download sites are one of the biggest businesses online nowadays. According to market research, digital music sales have grown by 300 percent from the previous year. This speaks a lot about the popularity and choice of online music download sites over other offline methods to download new music or just about any music video and music downloads. There is quite a handful of music download sites that let you download new music and music videos so it can get a bit confusing. Read on to find out more about selection of music download sites – where to download new music and music videos.

Many of the legal and major music download sites provide the most sophisticated and advanced search engines for searching and locating song titles and even the latest releases can be quickly traced so that you can download new music instantly. No time is wasted at these music download sites. Many music sites are also supported by major record labels. There are music download sites that charge you a monthly fee that limits you to a specific number of downloads, and there are also download sites that charge you for every song you download. There is a third category of site that charges you once and you get to download new music or old music for as long and as many as you wish. There are no limits at these download services.

When you are downloading new music on the internet, be sure to read all the rules of each of the music download sites. This is to make sure that you keep within their guidelines and maintain a clean record with these sites. Most music download sites adopt certain level of digital rights management (DRM) copyright protection. This means that there are some restrictions on the way you use the music files and music videos you download. It can be a restriction of sharing the files with a third party and you are only allowed to use it for your own enjoyment. This is a rule that is quite commonly flouted as people like to burn the MP3 files and share music playlists with their friends especially when they download new music. However, there are almost no rules that limit the kind of entertainment system you play on. This means you can play on all music players, from your computer to your MP3 player.

If you are into download new music or looking for new and independent articles, you can look at eMusic. For those looking for no-frills and affordable pay-per-piece music download, try WalMart. Other than that, it is best that you have a look at the music download sites that offer unlimited music downloads for a price lesser than $50 the market standard rate. There are a couple of things you need to know before you get a membership which is most likely to be a lifetime membership, from these music download sites where you can download new music, music videos and much more.

When searching for a music download site to download new music, the media file format of the music files is important. Some music download sites only use their proprietary format which may not be compatible with your music player. Also, since the majority of music download sites require you to use special software to download music files, you have to check to see if your computer requirements and resources satisfy the software requirements. Be sure to remove unnecessary files from your hard drive to release more disk space for your music downloads.

There are some music download sites where you not only get to download new music or download music videos, you also get to download other media files like movies, audio books and TV shows. Once you have selected a music download site, you would pay one fee, download and install their music downloading client software and that’s all. You can now download new music and music videos at your own convenience.

Find out more music download site selection tips from my online music blog to help you decide where you should download new music.